Privacy Policy

Updated as of February 15, 2015

At ComputerFlashcards your privacy concerns with our service are taken most seriously. Personal information that you share with us may include the following: IP address of the domain from which you access the Internet, the date and time of access, and your email address. This information is not shared with anybody beyond our staff, unless required by law enforcement agencies. We may periodically make changes to our Privacy Policy, and it is your responsibility to review the most recent version and stay informed about any changes to it.

During registration, you are asked to provide personal information such as Internet Protocol address, email address, and other contact information. The data that you provide during registration is not shared with any third parties.

Usage of Services and Content
You may study flashcards on the Website without having a ComputerFlashcards account. However some activities, including creating and editing flashcards requires an account with us. We may record information about your usage of our site, such as the frequency and size of data transfers, and information you display about yourself. The information about your usage is not shared with any third parties.

ComputerFlashcards is supported by donations and advertisements. The Website does not use any behavioral tracking technology to serve targeted advertisements at this time. Information about your account or activity is not shared with any third party advertisers.

Use of Contractors
We may retain the service of outside contractors to perform services on our behalf (such as developing new features or providing tech support). At times, we may need to reveal personal information about your account to our contractors so that they may provide their services. We require our contractors to keep this information confidential and to only use the information on our behalf.

Email Communications
Currently, we do not send email advertisements to you about any new updates or special offers. You may subscribe to any such features from your accounts page, which is accessible by clicking on your username.

Disclosures Required by Law
We reserve the right to disclose your personal information when an applicable law, regulation, or legal process requires it, or when disclosure is necessary to protect or enforce our rights or the rights of another user.